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A bit of cheesiness and full of love and passion the duo works…Heeital is the driving force at every wedding.

Organised, hardworking and detail driven – right from the inception to the end. She works closely with the couple and their families through the entire planning process to ensure that all their visions translate into reality in the best possible way. Her approach is pragmatic, and her clear sightedness comes in handy in tricky situations. A girl with big dreams – Hetal is a force to reckon with. View our services.

VB A.K.A OG is the hopeless romantic also the other lifeline and constant pillar of strength

who enables and make sure everything goes more smoothly. They call him the Man Friday. Friendly, patient, and quick, VB handles the couple and the family’s requirements pragmatically. He is always happy to answer any range of questions and solve any issue that may arise. (Just bribe him with a plate of Jalebi)


Heeital & Vaibbhav

Both are multi-taskers and execute any job, small or big, with equal amounts of skill and enthusiasm. On event days, they double up his duty to ensure all vendors are taken care of and manage any last-minute requirements.

So relax! You have found them; they will ensure that this memory of yours would be captured perfectly in every frame and in years to come once you look back you would cherish it every time. We at IKIGAII are here to weave your perfect wedding dream! Choose us as Your Wedding Planner in Dubai, for your destination wedding.

what clients say


The two people we know, who were available anytime on any given day since the first day we spoke to them about planning for Nirmal & Femy, locking the venue, the decor, management, last minute to-do list, arrangements with keeping in mind the requirements of each person. What i remember is from day 1 of meeting till the last song chogada on thursday. U guys were running around for us and always on ur toes. Thank you
Krupesh Bharat
Yes you both kids Hetal & vaibhav took very humble efforts for organizing and gave this marriage's events FN wedding and marvelous success. I am still getting and got many many feedbacks from present guests even overseas appreciating overall 💯🎉🥳 Thank you very much.
Hetal and vaibhav God bless you all the success in life ....🙌
Bhavesh Vaya
You guys were amazing. You have no idea how much we appreciate your personal contribution to this as well. Both of you were my life boats. And your team was helpful at all times. Thank you Hetal And Vaibhav for organizing this for us. 🥰🥰🙌🏻🙌🏻🍾
The wedding went super smooth because of you two, @hetal and @Vaibhav blue kryon! Super organized! 🥳
I've not witnessed a wedding this smooth and calm ever!
so much fun! ❤️
Misa Vaya
Thank you so so so much Hetu and VB for everything before and during the wedding, you made me a bridechilla and I can't thank you enough for it!! ❤️🥰❤️🥰💕
Bhavesh Vaya
Guys thank you both and your team once again for putting up this event and being such and important part of the biggest day of our lives!
Rohan Savio
A DREAM WEDDING” where everything was PERFECTION! Hetal and Vaibhav and the entire team of Blue Kryon were so much fun and extremely helpful where we could discuss all minute details beforehand making things much easier while you get all set for the Big Day. Both of you are so friendly, professional, hard working & helpful. Thank you for making sure every moment of our three day wedding went so smoothly. It was so reassuring knowing you were there to make sure everything went as we had wished. No one could have done a better job! Love #DishaGoingLokeshions
Disha & Lokesh
It is very convenient and comfortable to work with Hetal and Vaibhav. They both are very responsive to all the guest needs and deliver the details in a very professionally prominent manner. Their designs and ideas are very mordern, neat and appealing to the camera. Looking forward to hosting many more events with you guys
Neha Gidwani
We absolutely love you guys to bits.Thank you so so much for everything.Felt like a beautiful dream come to life.
Thank you so so so much Hetu and VB for everything before and during the wedding, you made me a bridechilla and I can't thank you enough for it!! ❤️🥰❤️🥰💕
Femy Vaya