Wedding planners in Sri lanka

Embrace the allure of a destination wedding in Sri Lanka, where ancient culture meets tropical paradise. This teardrop-shaped island offers a variety of breathtaking wedding venues in Sri Lanka, from golden beaches to misty tea plantations and historic colonial mansions.

A destination weddings in Sri Lanka allows you to incorporate unique local elements, such as traditional Kandyan dancers or a blessing from Buddhist monks. Your guests can enjoy pre or post-wedding activities like wildlife safaris, exploring ancient ruins, or relaxing at Ayurvedic spas. Sri Lankan cuisine, with its aromatic spices and fresh seafood, will provide a culinary adventure for your wedding feast. Ikigaii planners is the Best Wedding Planner in dubai, UAE to plan a wedding in Sri Lanka with amazing tie ups with Sri Lankan Tourism and Wedding Resorts at good rates.

Ikigaii experienced wedding planners in Sri Lanka team will handle all aspects of your Sri Lankan wedding, from legal requirements to coordinating with local vendors, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable celebration in this tropical haven.

Sri Lanka offers a plethora of stunning wedding venues, each offering its own unique charm and ambiance. Here are some popular wedding venues in Sri Lanka:

Weddings in Hambantota

Nestled amidst the breathtaking natural landscapes of southern Sri Lanka, Hambantota emerges as an enchanting destination for couples ready to say “I do”. This serene locale is renowned for its untouched beauty and abundant wildlife, offering a perfect backdrop for a memorable destination weddings in Hambantota..

World-class resorts in Hambantota now cater to destination weddings in sri lanka, boasting ample accommodation options, delectable cuisine, and versatile venues to host various wedding festivities. These venues are designed to accommodate large gatherings while maintaining a sense of intimacy and charm. That Also allows guests to explore Asia’s most fascinating nature sanctuaries

Weddings in Bentota

Having established itself as a premier destination for weddings, Bentota has hosted countless celebrations over the years, drawing couples from around the globe to its picturesque shores. This resort town on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast is renowned for its scenic beauty and idyllic setting. The expansive Bentota Beach extends northward, merging into the sandy expanse famously known as Paradise Island, running parallel to the serene waters of Bentota Lagoon. It’s a haven where natural splendor meets luxurious accommodations, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic and memorable experience of wedding in Sri Lanka.

Weddings in Colombo

Fondly referred to as ‘The Garden of the East,’ Colombo has evolved into a vibrant international hub, characterized by its striking skyline, contemporary architecture, gourmet dining options, bustling shopping districts, and renowned global hotel brands. Its cosmopolitan allure makes it a coveted destination for hosting weddings, drawing couples from various corners of the globe. The hotels in Colombo offer the massive in hospitality and quality when it comes to food and accommodation.

Weddings in Negombo

In Negombo, a charming coastal village in Sri Lanka, couples can create an intimate and serene setting for their destination wedding, away from the bustling atmosphere of more well-known towns on the island. This picturesque locale, known for its tranquil ambiance and traditional fishing heritage, offers a unique backdrop for celebrating love amidst natural beauty.

Negombo is distinguished by the scenic Negombo Lagoon, nourished by several rivers and traversed by the historic Dutch Canal, adding a touch of historical charm to its allure. With a handful of boutique resorts dotting its shores, Negombo provides an intimate and secluded environment ideal for couples seeking a more private and personalized wedding experience.

Whether you want to plan your destination wedding in Colombo, Destination Weddings in Negombo, Destination Weddings in Hambantota, Destination Weddings in Bentota, ikigaii wedding planners in Sri Lanka have got you covered with our expert services.